My Review of Incredibles 2

In late June when I was on vacation in northern Virginia, I thought I would take advantage of some downtime I had one night and go see Incredibles 2. I remember when I saw the first one when it came out in theaters in 2004. I liked it for all it’s humor, wit, and the family dynamics shown. I didn’t really look for, nor did I ever think that there would be a sequel to The Incredibles. I had mixed feelings about news of a sequel to The Incredibles. I knew that some sequels could be good, but I was weary about how so many good movies had been tarnished by mediocre or even horrible sequels. Think Jaws, The Hangover, and Jurassic Park. Despite the bad reputation sequels have nowadays, I was willing to give this one a try given that Pixar had made mostly good movies and the fact that it followed up The Incredibles.

One thing I would recommend to anyone seeing this movie: if you have the time or chance, you should watch the first movie again before this one. The reason I recommend that is that the movie picks up from where the first one left off. Since this is the case and it was so long ago that the first movie came out, I found it difficult to understand where the Incredibles are at at this point in their superhero careers. I had forgotten all about the negative attitudes that people in that universe had toward “supers” as well.


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