Why I Am Doing This 30 Day Blog Challenge

In late 2017, recent events in my life caused me to become highly anxious about my future. I questioned the direction my life was going. I pondered questions like: Am I spending enough time with my friends? Will I ever have my own house? Will I ever get a better work schedule? Will I ever get married and have kids? Do I give enough time in my day to God? It occurred to me at that time that the common denominator in all my anxieties was myself. So I had a choice. I could keep worrying and dreaming about the future I desired, or I could become the man I needed to be so that the future I want becomes reality. I decided there were some things I needed to change about myself. Changes that only I could make.

These changes started with me doing small things to grow as a person like eating better, joining a great men’s discipleship group from my church, and having a more positive attitude at my job. Since then, I’ve tried to think about how I can have good relationships with my family and friends, do a good job at work, and how I can seek God in everything I do. As a result my life has been more joyful! This challenge is another step I have decided to take toward self-improvement.

One way in which this 30 day blogging challenge will be help me to grow as a person is that it will force me to have to think creatively. These posts will be about a variety of topics that I love. These will include reviews of movies, books, or products, history, my work experiences, philosophy, and my Catholic faith. I learned from writing this first post that articulating them in writing is not as easy as it sounds. Second, people know me to be a reserved and introverted person. By doing this challenge, I will force myself to step out of my comfort zone so that my readers get to know me better. It is also my hope that my posts will encourage my readers to try to do small things everyday to improve themselves.

Another reason for this challenge is that it is related to my career goals. Since I was in middle school I have enjoyed writing. For this reason, I have thought about one day having a job where I read, write, and edit documents. There is just one hiccup to this goal: Besides papers in college, I haven’t ever written anything! Therefore, this blog as well as this website will serve as proof that I have created a small project of my own and that I am willing and able to do the same in whatever future job I hold.

Most importantly, this challenge will be fun!

4 thoughts on “Why I Am Doing This 30 Day Blog Challenge

  1. Awesome Bo! I look forward to reading your blog!!


    1. Thank you for your support Kay! I look forward to writing more content!


  2. Hi Bo, I just starting reading your blog. It is awesome. You are also a great writer!! I don’t get on Facebook very often, but I will get on to read your blog. I can’t wait to read more of your blog!!


    1. Thank you for your support! I look forward to writing more!


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