Why Aren’t You On This Site? Every Dollar.com Review

For Christmas of 2015 some family friends of mine got me a book called The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. The ideas and financial advice that he gave in that book intrigued me and I decided I would listen to his radio show to hear more about his views on money. What I like about him is that he gives financial advice with one goal in mind: to get out of debt and avoid debt so that you can build wealth. Part of that involves living on a monthly written budget. Although I have never been in serious debt, I did not know how to budget my money or how to make a written budget. Listening to The Dave Ramsey Show introduced me to everydollar.com which changed that.

It works by entering your monthly income, which can be broken down by week assuming you are paid weekly. The site will total up your income so that you can distribute the dollar amount you will allot on categories related to money such as giving, savings, housing, food, and lifestyle. If you have any debt, it has a category for that too. As you spend money on each category, you enter purchases or payments that fall under those categories. You will then see how much money you have left in your budget for that category.

Every Dollar

The reason why I have found this app to be useful is that it forces me to be intentional with where I spend my money. I now have a plan for how I will spend money instead of me throwing it at something that seems good to have at a moment in time. As a result of planning how I spend my money I have noticed that I am saving more and avoiding debt. It will also be useful for me to get in this habit now so that when I get married, a monthly written budget is something my future wife and I can agree on together. This website is user-friendly and free to set up. It even has a free app for your phone. So if you want be more intentional with your money and want to control it instead of it controlling you, why aren’t you on this website?


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