Sometimes You Just Need To Get Away From The World

Something that I have been looking to do for a while is go camping or hiking. It would be awesome to go with some friends and get to know each other better in a different setting besides just house parties, church, or the beach. Anytime the thought of doing something outdoors comes up I remember my experiences from camping and taking road trips with my dad when I was younger and being in the Boy Scouts. Those were some of the happiest memories of my life.

The outdoors is one way I get to step away from all the mess of music, noise, technology, and crowds of people. This is not to say that I dislike these things or that I dislike spending time with people. However, sometimes it is good for us to marvel at something that transcends human influence. I have looked down from the top of mountains, scuba-dived in the Florida Keys, camped in the desert. Not only were these experiences fun but they showed me that there was more beauty to the world than I could have ever thought. This has made me realize that the greatest and most beautiful things are free.

This is one reason why I strongly embrace my Catholic faith. It helps me to focus on God and not so much on approval from the world. Like you, I have been hurt by people, including people who I love. Oftentimes we try so hard to satisfy everyone so that we will be liked. But the opinions and feelings of men differ, are inconsistent, changing, and not always sincere. How about material things? Someday I hope to have a nice house, a big-screen TV, and a newer car. However, I will not make these the focus of my life. These will all be replaced by something else. God has never let me down for anything, even though it might have seemed like he has at times. Focusing on him through attending Mass, receiving the sacraments, and having a holy hour in my parish’s adoration chapel has helped me to live a more fulfilled life because I know that if I focus on him that I am looking toward eternal life instead of a world that will fade away.

“If the world hates you, know that that it has hated me before it hated you.” John 15:18



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