This Month Is Over, But Wait There’s More!

It’s hard to believe that May is almost over with. It has been an interesting month that has given me the chance to really think about and process different things. Perhaps the biggest event for me was taking in the passing of my grandfather earlier this month. Consecrating myself to Jesus through Mary was also a significant step in my spiritual growth. As for what I have learned while putting together this blog, I learned I really need to not spend too much time thinking about what to write and just write; at least to start off. I feel like some of my posts could have been written better. I have gotten positive feedback on my posts, which I am grateful for. This has given me more confidence in my ability to write well. This makes me seriously think I need to be working a job that allows me to be creative.

I am grateful for everyone who has decided to read these posts I made. I hope that you enjoyed them and found them thought provoking. I will still keep tweaking this website of mine too. I’ll have to include more book reviews and do some more PDP’s to show how I am trying to grow and challenge myself to become a better man.

Since I have had fun doing this and since my readers have been so awesome, I will definitely keep blogging on this site every so often. This has been a lot of fun for me and I hope it was for anyone who followed along. If anyone has anything they would like for me to post or comment about on here, please let me know. As I like to say; but wait there’s more! This 30 day blog challenge might be over, but this is only the start of me continuing to write and publish content. Stay tuned!

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