Never Be Afraid To Do The Right Thing

There is a tendency among us to want to conform to ways of thinking or doing things a certain way. We’re under a lot of pressure to do that because we want our bosses or friends and family to like us. This is an understandable reaction; one that is hard to break free from. Certain experiences in my faith journey and from working different jobs have taught me that there are people who are so stuck in certain ways of thinking or doing things that this could even keep you from doing things that are more effective or right.

A common area that this might come up is in a work setting or when we are doing chores at home. For example, I hate doing yardwork (shocking huh?) but I know it is something that has to be done from time to time. Combine that with the hot Florida sun and it is not fun. However, when I do things like mow the lawn or pull dead palm fronds off the trees I make sure I am thorough so that I know I have done the job properly.  That way I am only outside doing this kind of chore as long as I have to before I can cool off. It also gives me the personal satisfaction that I know I have done a fine job.

I remember that there have been times at my jobs when I had the chance to do something that I felt made the experiences of customers more enjoyable or something that would have helped leave my work area organized so that others could work safely or more efficiently. Surprisingly this kind of attitude is not always encouraged. The kind of action you take might not change the outlook or culture of a business by itself but you still know that you have at least tried to do the right thing. Having this approach to work tells me that I know I did the best job I could for myself and for my customers. That is a feeling that is highly satisfying.

This comes up a lot with matters of my faith. Not many people live for God as much as they do for themselves or for others. If a topic about my faith comes up and I reveal something to them that comes off as counter-cultural I am exposing myself to a high chance of ridicule or persecution. What keeps me going through all that is that I know that certain truths have been revealed to me through my study of the Catholic Church. This is how I know that I am standing up for what is right. Regardless of what situation or place you may be in, please stand up for what is right too. It goes without saying that you should do it out of humility and love, not out of pride or contempt for other people.



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