Happy VE Day!

Today is a day that ought to be celebrated by all the freedom loving people of the world. Victory in Europe or VE Day! The end of WWII in Europe. Perhaps a lot of people are somewhat tired of being reminded year after year about certain historical events. “Yes we know about it and that was so long ago…” Assuming some people have that attitude about history, I couldn’t disagree more with that way of thinking. How would you like it if people decided not to celebrate your birthday every year, or if your spouse decided to not recognize your anniversary? The same is true for remembering people who played a pivotal role in shaping history.

When it comes to VE Day, I am always reminded of the price of freedom. Up to that point, millions of soldiers and civilians had died at the hands of a murderous police state. All to satisfy the ambitions of a dictator and an authoritarian ideology. When you think of this day, remember the millions of Jews and others murdered in cold blood in concentration camps. Remember mass slaughter that took place on the Eastern Front which led to millions of soldier and civilians of the Soviet Union to perish in harsh conditions. Remember the terror faced by British civilians during the Blitz and the heroic defense of the British Isles during the Battle of Britain. Remember the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy and fought through hell in its hedgerows. Remember the men who faced terrible odds of survival as they flew bombing missions over targets in Europe. Remember German civilians who continually suffered as the war dragged on because Hitler could not admit that the war was lost so as to save Germany from mass destruction.

These were real people who sacrificed their years, youth, and lives so that we might have a future where we live in a free world. We owe it to their sacrifice to honor them and do to our best to keep our world free. Never forget the importance of VE Day!!!

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