Places I Want To Visit Before I Die

One of the greatest privileges I had growing up was that I was able to travel to other countries and to different states. The first time I remember going overseas was when my family moved to Kuwait in the late 90’s. Kuwait did not stand out to me in a lot of ways. I remember visiting the Kuwait Towers and that the Kuwaiti people were kind and liked Americans for helping liberate Kuwait during the Gulf War. Some of my favorite places I have visited were Egypt, Perth in Australia, Rome, Jordan, Normandy, and Bastogne in Belgium. At home, I loved seeing the outdoors and experiencing nature at Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. White water rafting on the Colorado River was a blast! I spent many summers visiting my grandparents at their house on the lake in Blairsville, Georgia which will always have a place in my heart.

Since I have been out of college for a few years and have been in school saving money while working, traveling has been harder to come by. Back then it was not something I was looking to do anytime soon since I had done it constantly for most of my early life. Now I’m starting to get the itch to travel again which has made me think of new places I hope to travel to one day before I die.

1. Israel

I lived so close to Israel for so long but never went there. The most obvious reason for traveling here is that I want to see the holy and historical sites of Christianity. I have also heard that Tel Aviv is a great city to see. Seeing the fortress city of Masada is a historical site I am hoping to cross off my bucket-list.

2. Japan

I have heard great things about Japan. My grandfather who served in the Merchant Marines said that Japan was his favorite country he visited, and that was shortly after WWII. Hiking Mount Fiji or exploring Tokyo are some things that would make a visit to this fascinating country well worth it.

3. Ireland

I have seen pictures of Ireland’s beautiful landscapes so it would be even better to see them in person. One of my biggest bucket-list items is to drink in an Irish pub. The history of past Irish struggles for independence and The Troubles fascinate me so I can’t go to Ireland and not get a better understanding of Irish history. I especially want to experience the Mass in Ireland since it is a heavily Catholic country.

4. Fatima, Portugal

This was the site of Marian apparitions to three shepherd children in 1917. Lucia, who went on to become a nun, and her cousins Jacinta and Fracisco. Jacinta and Francisco were canonized by Pope Francis in 2017 at the 100th anniversary of the start of these apparitions. Our Lady of Fatima is a Marian title that holds special significance for me. I like that these children with their innocence and purity were able to witness her, which lead to these children and more people to witness God and grow closer to him. May 13th, which is when the apparitions started, is also the date of my first communion. I find Mary to be the greatest of all the saints in heaven. She has been a great help to me to grow closer to Jesus Christ. Therefore, I hope to honor her and all she has done for me by making a pilgrimage to Fatima.

There are many more places I haven’t listed here. I am open to suggestions of places to visit!

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