You Need Friends That Will Support You

When I first came back to Brevard County after finishing college I did not know anyone around the area. Making friends here was somewhat of an afterthought because I was initially trying to find work after getting back from traveling through Europe with my dad. After giving it some thought I had hoped to find someone from church to be friends with. Our pastor at the time, Father Tony, mentioned the young adults group at our parish as a way to meet people. I was kind of nervous at first because I was not sure what the people there would be like. Luckily, they turned out to be good people and I have had a great time with them ever since. Every time I am with my friends from church, I get to encounter God while spending time with them. The support and prayers I have gotten from my friends has been important to help me manage stress, boredom, and at times, loneliness.

Given how good my friends from this young adults group have been to me, I have learned that you need to have good friends who will support you in your goals and aspirations. My friends do their best to follow God’s will for their lives and are knowledgeable about their faith which has helped me learn how to be a better Christian and person. Another thing that I like about my friends from church is that we all come from different backgrounds or are on different parts of our faith journey. Yet, we are united in Christ and his church. It is good to know that there are other people outside of your family who care about you and will be there to uplift you and support you in good times and in times when you are feeling beaten by the world. I am so appreciative for all my friendships I have made from being a part of the young adults ministry at my parish. I look forward to making great memories with them in the future!

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