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For a couple of years my mom and I have been using to get food for our dogs. My mom started using it to get the right kind of food for our labradoodle since he has a sensitive stomach. The kind of food we use for him is not typically found in most retail stores so this has worked well for us. has a wide selection of treats, dry and wet food, toys, and other pet supplies that can be shipped directly to you. By shipping product directly to you, it cuts out the middle man and makes your order cheaper. There is an option for an auto-ship of items you might continuously need. For example, we have it set so that a large bag of dry food and several 12-packs of wet food arrive every couple of weeks for our dogs. Using is also convenient. Regardless of how much time you have or how strong you are; do you really want to spend extra time in the grocery store looking for and then lugging around a large bag of dog food? Even if you have a place that sells the kind of pet food or supplies you’re looking for, not needing to drive to get it would save you gas money. Everyone likes to save on that.

I think that sites like are the future of grocery shopping since they save time and gas for customers. There always seems to be one more thing to do so if another task or step can be eliminated it gives us more time for something else. After all, time is our most valuable resource since we don’t get it back. If you don’t use it already, I recommend that you give a try for your pet(s) and see how easy and convenient it is. It won’t disappoint!

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