Funny Story Related To Publix

Publix is well known for its outstanding customer service. That’s why our motto is “where shopping is a pleasure.” We take time to acknowledge customers and help them find what they are looking for. We want them to know that their time is valuable to us and that their needs are met. My customer service skills have grown tremendously at Publix. In some ways I would say that we bend over backwards several times to accommodate requests of customers. Would you believe me about a humorous story out of a Publix in South Carolina where a customer’s need was not met because of a communication mix up?

A few days ago a woman wanted to have a cake special ordered for her son who was graduating from high school with honors. She wanted the cake to mention that he was graduating Summa Cum Laude. However, when she was trying to put what words she wanted to say on the cake through the online ordering system, it wouldn’t let her do it because the system thought the word “cum” was being used in an inappropriate way. Publix has a policy where profane or perverted language will not be accepted in online orders. She even tried to explain what she wanted the cake to say in the special instructions box of the online order and explained it would be for her son’s high school graduation. She had to have a relative pick up the cake, and they assumed it was fine. However, when they opened up to see the cake at the graduation party, they noticed summa cum laude was written “summa — laude.” She was understandably upset and complained about it to the store manager. She got an apology for the mix-up and a refund.

Kind of odd huh? From my experience of how often we’ve gone out of our way to please customers as Publix employees, I would have thought that a Publix would have been able to accommodate this kind of request from a customer. Especially since this customer explained the reasoning behind this. I guess you could say that she would have been better off if she had gone in and ordered it in person so that she could have verified with the bakery manager that she get what she wanted on the cake. It’s possible that the person decorating the cake did not read the special instructions either. I would say that there is no reason why this should have happened in the first place. It just goes to show that you can’t always rely on technology. There are some things and scenarios where working with a human is best. I guess ultimately the only thing that matters is that her son graduated from high school with high honors. They’ll probably look back on this and laugh!

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