Waiting For Ole Miss Football Season To Start

Even though I like the summer I think the one thing this time of year lacks is that there is no football on. Since I first went to college, I have followed and watched football a lot. Every year I get so excited hoping my Ole Miss Rebels will do well. I remember my fist year at Ole Miss that we were not a good team. We went 4-8 and only won one SEC game against Kentucky. It was a disappointing year to start being an Ole Miss fan. The following year we were even worse. We went 2-10 and won no SEC games. I remember just feeling so awful every game day because I had a strong feeling of what was about to happen. The next couple of seasons were great though. Ole Miss got better each year under Hugh Freeze.  I loved seeing Ole Miss beat Mississippi State in Oxford to become bowl eligible in 2013. I remember watching on TV the dramatic ending to the game we played against Alabama to upset them at home in 2014. I was wishing I could have been there. It was fun to see Chad Kelly play quarterback for us in 2015 and part of 2016 and give us a big win against Alabama in 2015 and a Sugar Bowl victory. For all the time I have been following Ole Miss football, there have been so many great games and dramatic endings. That’s part of why my team is so fun to watch; you never know what’s gonna happen or how.

I also miss the tailgating in the Grove at Ole Miss before each home game. There was so many people who had awesome tents set up with great food. Good times. I really liked getting dressed up to go to Ole Miss games. My first game I went to I wore a coat and tie. Even though it was hot outside and I was in masses of people that day, I felt right at home. Now I can’t imagine not dressing up for a football game.

While I like following and watching the NFL too (especially the Super Bowl), college football is a lot closer to my heart and more fun to watch because I love seeing fans get so excited about their schools and express their teams traditions. I have got to get back to Oxford for a game in the near future. It has been too long. Hotty Toddy!!!

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